image of Edinburgh
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13 August 2018

I have always enjoyed Edinburgh in August, right from when I arrived as an international student, to now, as a parent of two young ones. Edinburgh welcomes the world for an unforgettable month of theatre, comedy, art, music and dance. And as residents, we have a whole host of...

Greater Manchester cycling lane help people cycle safely
By Tim Burns,
21 December 2017

Last week Chris Boardman, Walking and Cycling Commissioner for Greater Manchester, released his...

Community group accepting grant
20 December 2017

When thinking about improving neighbourhoods, an often overlooked but vital element in the design process is involving those who live, work and travel through an area.

Liveable neighbourhoods are about more than just place and movement. First and foremost, they’re about...

Rosslyn Colderley and Chris Boardman cycling together in Manchester
15 December 2017

Today Chris Boardman, Greater Manchester’s Cycling & Walking Commissioner, launched his 15-Point Plan to get the city region moving. Made to Move is a bold and exciting vision which echoes what people want, including calls for a ring-fenced, ten year £1.5 billion...

cycling and walking help improve air quality
12 December 2017

The cycling and walking air quality equation seems simple. But look under the surface, and applying the principle of increasing cycling and walking whilst simultaneously reducing motorised transport is a complex problem spanning different geographies.

An inconvenient...

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The Octagon in Westport, Ireland
12 December 2017

Scotland’s Towns Week took place last month. Maybe you noticed it, maybe it slipped below your radar. But given that 60% of the population of Scotland lives in settlements of more than 15,000 people, given that our biggest town have over 70,000 inhabitants, there was a lot...