Cyclist on cycle path
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21 June 2018

Today is Clean Air Day. Sixty-six years on from the Great Smog of London, it should be an occasion when we celebrate efforts we’ve made over successive decades to reduce harmful air pollution in the UK. A time when we look back in bewilderment at how policy-makers let a...

graphic of air quality model
6 December 2017

We all know walking and cycling improves air quality by removing motor vehicles from the road and replacing those trips with a mode that is emission-free. But what is the exact impact of walking and cycling on air quality? Is it measurable?

For the first time, we are...

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Cyclists on Quietway Route 1 between South Bermondsey Station and Millwall FC
5 December 2017

As urban transport systems are embracing smart tech, aren’t we overlooking the potential of simpler, more familiar solutions to move people around? Dr Andy Cope reflects on this year’s Autonomy and Urban Mobility Summit in Paris.

There are moments of radical change, new...

Cyclists on protected Connect 2 path
27 November 2017

This article was first published online by The Sunday Times on 26 November 2017.

Scotland’s air quality crisis cannot be solved by waiting...

A led ride from Raising the Standards Day
21 November 2017

The year ahead promises to be incredibly exciting for delivering high quality cycling and walking infrastructure in Scotland.

Sustrans recognises the importance of bringing partners together from across the country to share learning and best practice which is why, four...

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protected bike lane Oxford road Manchester cycle superhighway and female cyclist
By Tim Burns,
16 November 2017

Bike Life (2017) showed strong support for cycling by residents in the seven UK participating cities. Almost four in five residents support building more protected cycle lanes, on our streets, even when this could mean less space for other vehicles. And 64% of residents said...