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21 June 2018

Today is Clean Air Day. Sixty-six years on from the Great Smog of London, it should be an occasion when we celebrate efforts we’ve made over successive decades to reduce harmful air pollution in the UK. A time when we look back in bewilderment at how policy-makers let a...

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15 May 2013

Back in 2009 we produced a campaign to overcome some of the barriers our research uncovered around "What stops women getting on their bikes?

Our research at the time showed...

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On a journey to mental health
13 May 2013

Walking and – particularly – cycling have been high on the agenda these past few months, but an angle on active travel that some people aren’t aware of is that it’s good for mental health.  ...

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26 April 2013

Westminster can be a stern place, but it was made a lot brighter this morning!

It was great fun to join TV presenter Miranda Krestovnikoff and pupils from Westminster Cathedral School on a visit to No 10 Downing Street, but our trip had a serious message.

Over the last few decades...

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17 April 2013

The Two Tunnels opening at the beginning of the month was amazing - thousands turned out on bikes and foot. Shouldn’t we all be asking ourselves why can’t we do this every day for every journey we make?


10 April 2013

In any given year Sustrans spends a substantial amount of money – much of it generously provided by our supporters – on maintaining sections of the National Cycle Network: repairing surfaces, mending bridges, cutting back vegetation,...