A woman using a recumbent handcycle
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12 June 2019

A new report published by Sustrans and Arup reveals that one third (33%) of disabled people in UK cities and towns would like to start cycling but 84% never do...

tackling stress with cycling and walking
By Anonymous,
6 November 2013

Today is the National Stress Awareness Day. We all know what stress is so why have a stress awareness day? It’s no big deal…right?

The statistics that the International Stress Management...

31 October 2013

Internationally renowned architect and urbanist, Lord Richard Rogers, discusses why he cycles, the difficulty of creating cycling routes in London’s narrow and historic streets, and why he is a Sustrans supporter.

greenway route
29 October 2013

As a young girl, I remember the first time that I was allowed to cycle alone without adult supervision, along a lovely old disused railway track. It felt like an epic adventure into the heart of rural Norfolk. We actually probably only did 15km, but it was enough to get me...

cycling in the dark
By Anonymous,
28 October 2013

Since the clocks went back the darker evenings may mean you get caught out on the way home cycling in the dark, so it’s important to think ahead and pack lights and reflective clothing as a matter of habit once the season starts to turn.

The UK legal minimum for riding...

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Lots of bikes
By Anonymous,
24 October 2013

There are many barriers that people list when asked why they don’t cycle to work. For some it’s to do with physical, solid, tangible, objective stuff such as lack of showers, lack of secure cycle storage, lack of safe routes. For others it is more about subjective barriers...