artist's impression of a super cycle highway
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25 May 2018

Cardiff Council are taking steps to change the culture and character of Wales’ capital city, with the aim of making its transport cleaner, healthier, safer, more efficient and better able to deal with a growing population. They are following in the footsteps of London where...

5 July 2013

Yesterday the Department for Transport published the results of last year’s British Social Attitudes Survey of public attitudes to transport. It’s a...

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super cycling man fundraising for sustrans
4 July 2013

About the author: "Hi. My name is Will Hodson and I am a serial fundraiser." Will Hodson is a primary school teacher from Putney, London. He...

Cycling while pregnant
24 June 2013

"You're not still cycling, are you?" I’m not surprised that I've heard this question numerous times since revealing earlier this year that I was pregnant with my first child. My travel choices have always...

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Anna with her loaded bike
17 June 2013

Anna Hughes once cycled all the way around Britain, and as well as once working for Sustrans, she is a cycle trainer, speaker and writer on cycling. She is currently making the same journey around our island on a boat. But it was her year of living without a car that made us...

my family's school run by bike, karen gee, cycle sprogs
By Karen Gee,
14 June 2013

About the author: Karen Gee is a project manager, and has two boys (aged 7 and 4) she’s cycled with since they were very young.  Here she gives us her experience of the school run by bike.

This week was Bike to School Week (BTSW)...

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