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Cary Thompson with his bike and helmet. pic credit Cary Thompson
Guest Blogger's picture
3 December 2018

Cary Thompson recently took part in Sustrans cycle training so he could be more confident commuting to work by bike.

This was provided at the Active Travel Hub in East Belfast as part of the CHIPS programme. He was so pleased with...

young children setting up a lemonade stand and playing on the street in autumn
29 October 2018

Playing outside used to be the norm for children, so what's changed?

When I was younger, growing up in suburban Massachusetts, I played in the streets.

I met up with the other children on the street. We ran around, played games and rode our bikes up and down the...

family with loaded bicycle on holiday
By Josie Dew,
25 October 2018

Josie Dew is an English touring cyclist, author and cook. In this blog Josie shares with us her experiences of cycle touring with her three young children.

Although a caterer by profession Josie frequently takes long cycle trips and then writes a humorous travelogue...

woman cycling in narrow street in Japan
By Tim Burns,
15 October 2018

Is street parking in our city centres ever a good use of space, and what are cities doing to remove it?

How do we make the most of the kerbside? 

The side of the road is a contested space most often used for parking of vehicles, or as a drop off space for...

people locking their bikes in city street
11 October 2018

What is the best way to make decisions about which transport schemes should be funded? When we know so much about the damage that is done by big schemes to move more cars over longer distances more quickly, how do we keep coming up with these as a preferred solution?