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Xavier Brice
Chief Executive, Sustrans
Xavier Brice is the CEO of Sustrans. He joined in June 2016 from Transport for London where he held a variety of roles. Xavier is an inspiring change leader who is passionate about improving how we travel for the better. He believes that the way we choose to get around shapes how happy we are as individuals and as a society.
Opening ceremony of the Ledaig link
18 April 2019

Recently we reviewed the entire National Cycle Network, all 16,575 miles, and...

15 March 2019

Xavier Brice, chief executive of Sustrans, pays tribute to Ben Hamilton-...

Union Canal in Edinburgh NCN Route 75 ©2018, Tony Marsh, all rights reserved
12 November 2018

Think of a memorable walk you’ve had. Picture a cycle ride you enjoyed with...

Bike Life - cycling in Newcastle
14 November 2017

Cycling levels in the UK peaked in 1949, when 15 billion miles were travelled...

Sustrans CEO Xavier Brice on a bicycle
13 September 2017

This morning, like every morning when I leave my house for work, I will jump...