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Tom Komar
Modelling and Simulations Developer
Tom joined Sustrans in 2014 after developing and kicking off implementation of a cycling strategy for a major continental city where he solved cultural challenges and improved attitudes towards active travel among stakeholders involved in delivery of infrastructure. His strategy is still followed and today people can travel on a well connected network of over 100 km of segregated cycle tracks, hire 500 public bicycles, kids can park their bikes in secure shelters at almost every school and general public has 1000 bicycle stands available for their use, with more added every year. At Sustrans Tom helps clients in their efforts seeking funds and securing design options for cycling where it is most needed. His work uncovers opportunities for modal shift, addresses potential barriers and adds confidence to plans with thoroughly analysed scenarios.
people cycling via park
26 September 2017

From the moment we leave home and go on our journey to the shops, work or...

Computer modelling map showing travel destinations and optimal routes
14 June 2017

Demands of motor traffic have often overridden, or generally compromised the...