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Tim Burns
Senior Policy and Partnerships Advisor
Tim has over 15 years of experience working in the charity sector in travel, sustainable food, resource management and conservation. Tim currently provides policy advice and support to Sustrans and is passionate about social innovation.
new housing estate
6 November 2018

In this longer look at the Budget, Tim Burns explores whether the Treasury is...

woman cycling in narrow street in Japan
15 October 2018

Is street parking in our city centres ever a good use of space, and what are...

Greater Manchester cycling lane help people cycle safely
21 December 2017

Last week Chris Boardman, Walking and Cycling Commissioner for Greater...

protected bike lane Oxford road Manchester cycle superhighway and female cyclist
16 November 2017

Bike Life (2017) showed strong support for cycling by residents in the seven...

cyclists on a protected bike lane
15 November 2017

Whilst Bike Life 2017 covers a wealth of information...