Shared spaces, cycle lanes and traffic calming proposals for Lothian Road. Image credit: Jacobs
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22 February 2019

Led by Sustrans Deputy Director Daisy Narayanan, City of Edinburgh Council is launching proposals for an ambitious City Centre Transformation.

Daisy has been seconded to Edinburgh for the past year and Sustrans...

cycling in the dark
By Anonymous,
28 October 2013

Since the clocks went back the darker evenings may mean you get caught out on the way home cycling in the dark, so it’s important to think ahead and pack lights and reflective clothing as a matter of habit once the season starts to turn.

The UK legal minimum for riding...

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Lots of bikes
By Anonymous,
24 October 2013

There are many barriers that people list when asked why they don’t cycle to work. For some it’s to do with physical, solid, tangible, objective stuff such as lack of showers, lack of secure cycle storage, lack of safe routes. For others it is more about subjective barriers...

Elaine on her bike
15 October 2013

About the author: Elaine McNish is Physical Activity Project Manager for Macmillan Cancer Support.  Her role is helping create opportunities for people living with and beyond cancer to become more active. 


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children cycling and walking to school
By Anonymous,
13 September 2013

Which is the school near you?

1) By now, all schools across the UK are back. At half 8 in the morning, some pupils are already locking up their bikes in the shelter, others still riding along the traffic-free path that leads to the school gate. Groups of children arrive...

Bike storage
13 September 2013

Our blog post about whether employers should provide showers for employees who wish to cycle to work certainly generated a lot of comments and prompted many of you to mention the importance of secure bike...