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23 April 2019

The ways that we move around are highly complex. How we make decisions about the routes we elect to use, and the destinations that we need to reach or that we choose to visit, serve to influence where and how traffic flows. Add to this more personalised factors about the ways...

Old and young ladies walking with their bikes
6 March 2014

Older people and the very young still have a place in Europe’s cities. There are more green spaces and walkways, public transport is cheap and plentiful, and in many cities like these the bicycle is an accepted and normal form of transport.

In the old squares of Europe...

Cyclist on London's Cycle Superhighway
4 March 2014

Invited to speak at the Future Cities session at this year's Eco-build conference I started with a simple question -...

Spring on the National Cycle Network
27 February 2014

At a national scale it’s recognised that we’re not doing enough to halt the loss of biodiversity in the UK, and many species are continuing to decline.  As Spring approaches, Sustrans’ Wildlife Champions are busy...

cyclist in london
18 February 2014

Yesterday a consultation closed on the City of London’s proposals to switch the speed limit on all its roads to 20mph and we wrote to them to show our support.

20mph streets across the city are a...

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Blogger Kate, cycling along a bridge
12 February 2014

So did the January Dry-Athlon go to plan? And how about those new exercise regimes you promised yourself you would stick to? Lots of people like to use the arrival of a New Year to make some changes to their lifestyle such as eating healthier and doing more exercise, but...