Gaia pushing her bike up a hill along the Caledonia Way. Blue skies and rolling hills in the background.
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21 June 2019

Anyway, I should probably explain myself, I’m Gaia, I’m 11, I love cycling and raising money for charities that have helped my friends and family. I have now done two charity cycle rides and I’m always looking for a new challenge. I decided on the Caledonia Way as it certainly...

Children outside of their school gates
20 March 2019

The burning of fossil fuel may represent the biggest threat to the health of our children and is a primary source of global inequality and environmental injustice. What can we do to counter these challenges? How can we engage children in promoting agendas for change?


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Children scooting to school
15 March 2019

Youth is wasted on the young, or so they say. Something I’d usually tend to agree with looking back at the years I spent dragging my feet to school. However, over recent months, we’ve seen young people rise up, and send arguably one of the most important political messages to...

15 March 2019

Xavier Brice, chief executive of Sustrans, pays tribute to Ben Hamilton-Baillie, who died earlier this month.

“It was with great shock and sadness that I read the news that Ben Hamilton-Baillie had passed away.

I first met Ben around 10 years ago at City Hall in...

Pupils at Glebelands Primary School in Leicester marking Clean Air Day 2018
13 March 2019

Air quality is one of the major health and environmental concerns of our time. A new synthesis of research evidence shows that walking and cycling can make a major contribution to addressing the problem.

The challenge now is to connect the evidence to legislative...

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Two female cyclists riding their bikes in Wales ©2017, Jonathan Bewley
7 March 2019

This month we celebrated International Women’s Day - a day in which we reflect on progress made, call for change and commend those people whose courageous and selfless acts helped to create the much more equal world that we live in today.

What is long forgotten is that...