Sustrans Scotland urges MSPs to back the 20MPH (restricted roads) Bill

By John Lauder,
cyclist riding through a 20 mile per hour zone in Edinburgh

©2017, Colin Hattersley all rights reserved

On 13 June, the Scottish Parliament votes on a Bill that could save lives, make walking and cycling easier, make our towns and cities better for people. 

We urge Members of the Scottish Parliament to take leadership.  To follow the example set recently in Wales and legislate to set the restricted roads default speed limit at 20mph in Scotland. 

To reiterate:

Road safety - 20 mph will reduce the number and severity of road casualties

Public health – 20mph makes streets feel safer for people to walk about and cycle, encouraging more people to do so

Social justiceour research shows that children in Scotland’s poorest areas are 3 times as likely to be killed, seriously injured or injured by motor traffic as children in the wealthiest areas, despite lower car ownership in these areas.  Making 20mph the default speed limit on restricted roads will have a particularly positive impact in these areas. 

Sustrans were one of 25 organisations in public health, child advocacy, active travel, and poverty campaigning to call on the First Minister to support the Bill.  

The arguments have been made, the evidence has been heard.  Now it’s time to show leadership. 

Sustrans remains committed to 20mph as one of the best measures to make walking and cycling easier and safer in our towns and cities. 

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