Secure Cycle Parking…What’s the role of the employer?

By Guest Blogger,
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Our blog post about whether employers should provide showers for employees who wish to cycle to work certainly generated a lot of comments and prompted many of you to mention the importance of secure bike parking.

Whether or not you believe that showers should be provided, it certainly came across that most people think that the provision of secure cycle parking is important.

But the question again is - should employers be responsible for providing the cycle parking and what should they provide? And also, what if the Employer has no room or ability to install secure cycle parking?

So without being controversial, we believe employers should provide adequate cycle parking for their employees. Secure, well lit, visible, covered cycle parking, away from the smoking area (definitely not doubling up as a shelter for smokers) and near the main entrance would be best, but above all else there needs to be enough for all of the current cyclists with room for new cyclists to park too.

Why should employers provide cycle parking?

Because we want more employees to cycle to work and we believe that employers as well as the employees themselves will benefit from this increase in cycling. Employers need to help in the provision of facilities, this isn’t something the employees can do themselves and its not enough to just reply on local authorities to provide cycle parking. 

But what if the employer has no room to fit cycle parking, or doesn’t own the building and the land around it?

We should expect the employer to provide cycle parking, if there is room or to demonstrate that they have taken reasonable steps to increase the provision of local public cycle parking, or negotiated with neighbours to share space.

The provision of cycle parking isn’t enough though.

Awareness of how to lock your bike securely could be the focus of a cycle to work engagement session. 

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