My Year Without A Car

By Anna Hughes,
Anna with her loaded bike

Anna Hughes once cycled all the way around Britain, and as well as once working for Sustrans, she is a cycle trainer, speaker and writer on cycling. She is currently making the same journey around our island on a boat. But it was her year of living without a car that made us think she may have some expert advice to give us about the pros and cons!

Is it possible to live without a car?

This is a question I often asked myself when working as a Sustrans Bike It officer, where I encouraged children to cycle to school instead of being driven.

The children were keen, but the adults took more convincing. Almost everyone I worked with, from teachers and parents to council employees, agreed that cycling was a great way of getting exercise, reducing congestion, helping the environment, and a cheap way of getting around, yet they still drove their car each day. It was a habit, almost impossible to break.

So I decided that I would not use a car for an entire year, simply to demonstrate that it was possible. That meant no lifts from friends, no taxis. I would blog about it and perhaps I would inspire someone to not use a car for a day, a week, a month, or for good. 

How did it affect my life?

Living in London, with a 24 hour transport system, most of the time it was easy. But there were certain challenges:

  • I cycled seven miles to a friend’s wedding, wearing my dress tucked into my leggings.
  • I refused a lift from a friend when I moved flat, instead shuttling my belongings the three miles to the next neighbourhood by bicycle and bus.
  • When I visited friends, I would ride my bike to the pub while they drove.

I cycled and took trains a whole lot more. I tried not to let it restrict the amount I travelled, so I would be more inventive about how I got around. I went on several holidays within the UK and Europe, using trains and boats. In the end I spent less money than if I had used my car. It made everyday journeys into adventures.

Inspiring others to go car-free

About six months into the challenge, I received an email, simply entitled ‘inspiration’. David said he used to be a ‘sunshine cyclist’, but reading my blog had inspired him to get out on his bike a lot more:
“Have now gone 9 days without using my own car. I have been in a car 3 times but at least I am car sharing so it doesn’t feel too bad. This feels great. I have driven a car for the past 24 years so this has been a massive step and buses are a bit scarce where I live.”

His email made me so proud — this was exactly why I took on the challenge in the first place.

Anna travelling by trainSince finishing my year, I have been in a car a few times — cars certainly have their uses, especially in rural environments where public transport is limited or pricey. But I hope that my no-car year has shown that there are alternatives. I’m not anti-car, I’m just anti I-can’t-live-without-my-car.

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