A woman using a recumbent handcycle
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12 June 2019

A new report published by Sustrans and Arup reveals that one third (33%) of disabled people in UK cities and towns would like to start cycling but 84% never do...

cyclist riding through a 20 mile per hour zone in Edinburgh
12 June 2019

On 13 June, the Scottish Parliament votes on a Bill that could save lives, make walking and cycling easier, make our towns and cities better for people. 

We urge Members of the Scottish Parliament to take leadership.  To follow the example set recently in Wales and...

People walking and cycling along a path in a city centre
6 June 2019

Active travel can play a critical role in increasing levels of physical activity. Two recent reports set out why it must be a priority area for improvement in health and social care.

Firstly, new guidance from NICE, the National...

Children in a class room putting their hands in the air
3 June 2019

Since all 32 local authorities in Scotland signed up in 2010, the Hands Up Scotland Survey (HUSS) has become an Official Statistic. HUSS acts as a valuable record of how children travel to school and nursery in Scotland.


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people walking and cycling on traffic-free path surrounded by greenery ©2018, Jonathan Bewley
3 June 2019

Dr Nick Cavill, Cavill Associates Ltd and University of Bristol, one of the authors of the 'Active Travel & Physical Activity Evidence Review' report commissioned by Sport England, discusses the report findings and concludes there is...

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man and woman walking in residential area, ©2018, Jonathan Bewley
30 May 2019

Walking and cycling for transport make a valuable contribution to our activity levels. Be it walking to school, cycling to work, or many other everyday journeys, active travel can offer a convenient, accessible and affordable way to move more. For those with busy and hectic...