Two children standing in front of a lorry
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21 May 2019

Sustrasn research reveals children on foot or bike are more than three times as likely to be involved in a collision with a vehicle in the 20% most deprived areas in Scotland than the 20% least deprived areas.

We need more widespread high-quality infrastructure and...

Lorcan and Ruth together
15 May 2019

A growing body of evidence demonstrates a link between poor air quality and asthma, with recent findings revealing the UK has the highest rates of...

mother and child cycling in the city ©2018, John Linton
1 May 2019

The first report of the Connectivity Commission in December 2018 left me wanting more.

It identified many problems with transport in Glasgow that Sustrans Scotland recognise, but it didn’t...

People cycling on London's Cycle Superhighway ©2016, Jonathan Bewley, all rights reserved
23 April 2019

The ways that we move around are highly complex. How we make decisions about the routes we elect to use, and the destinations that we need to reach or that we choose to visit, serve to influence where and how traffic flows. Add to this more personalised factors about the ways...

Opening ceremony of the Ledaig link
18 April 2019

Recently we reviewed the entire National Cycle Network, all 16,575 miles, and in 2018’s Paths for everyone report we were honest in highlighting where the Network doesn't meet the high standards we've set ourselves at Sustrans. The report...

People standing outside of the Derby County Community Trust building
1 April 2019

Our Sustrans jobseekers project works to remove travel barriers to employment and training opportunities for people looking for work in Derby and Nottingham. Barriers people face include cost, time and not knowing how to access timetables and travel information. Matt Easter,...

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