Edinburgh City Centre Transformation: A chance for a world-leading city for people

By Grace Martin,
Image: City of Edinburgh Council

Edinburgh Council's 2050 vision is a fairer, thriving, connected and inspired city

Photo: Children in school uniform walking and on bikes on widened Leith Walk footpath ©2017, Colin Hattersley

Children on way home from school on newly-widened Leith Walk footpath

Edinburgh is unique, delighting those who live and work in the city and drawing visitors from around the world. But continued recent progress to increase walking and cycling, and make Edinburgh a place that better prioritises people over vehicles, has led us to a point where it is time to accelerate.

Sustrans Scotland strongly endorses an ambitious, transformational approach to Edinburgh city centre. The success of existing walking and cycling projects have proven the benefits and effectiveness of active travel to the city.

And public appetite is strong. For example, Sustrans’ social attitudes survey Bike Life found that 80% of Edinburgh residents wanted more space for protected cycling, even if that meant taking space away from vehicles.

It is the right time for Edinburgh to undertake transformational change to the city to ensure it remains both a liveable city making continuous improvement to quality of life for residents and a city that is globally attractive to visitors.

Our role and partnership with City of Edinburgh Council

Sustrans Scotland is a proud partner of City of Edinburgh Council in the delivery of numerous initiatives to support and increase active travel and deliver improved public space.

We support the City Centre Transformation itself through funding, as well as helping to deliver infrastructure through Community LinksCommunity Links PLUS and behavioural change programmes at workplaces and schools. These programmes are funded by the Scottish Government and delivered by Sustrans Scotland.

Have your say

This consultation sets the tone for the future direction of Edinburgh. Sustrans Scotland wants Edinburgh to be the best it can be for people, and that means we need as many people and views as possible to be represented in the consultation.

I urge everyone to have their say on what will make the city work better. The consultation closes on Monday, 12 November 2018, so make sure that your voice is heard.

Read our response to the Edinburgh City Centre Transformation consultation

Submit your views on the Edinburgh City Centre Transformation (closes Monday 12 November 2018)