Lorcan and Ruth together
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15 May 2019

A growing body of evidence demonstrates a link between poor air quality and asthma, with recent findings revealing the UK has the highest rates of...

man with pushchair and child on bike crossing road
24 September 2018

The launch of the Safer Streets Bill to make 20mph the standard speed on residential streets in Scotland is great news for people who walk and cycle.

When it comes to saving lives and reducing injury on our roads, the benefits of 20mph speed limits are well known but...

cycling coach with child
20 September 2018

In this blog, Dr Mellissa Prunty, Lecturer in Occupational Therapy at Brunel University London, presents a pilot programme set up to help children with dyspraxia learn to cycle. At the end of the one week programme, all children and their parents reported an improvement in the...

man on bicycle
20 September 2018

Travelling in an environment with no congestion or air pollution may seem like a far-fetched desire but it doesn’t have to be.

It’s possible for us all to make small changes to the way we travel, such as walking or cycling for more journeys, and ultimately help...

Walkers and cyclists on a Greenway
12 September 2018

Moving people around can be an expensive business.

When we think about the costs of some current infrastructure projects, we can see some very big numbers – Cross Rail, £15bn;...