woman speaking to small audience in meeting room
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20 March 2019

Just 4 days after International Women’s Day, Sustrans Research & Monitoring Unit held a roundtable discussion on women and cycling to determine what needs to happen next.

We invited a broad cross-section of speakers and guests who had an understanding of the...

Angela sitting next to her bike
By Anonymous,
10 February 2014

I started cycling when I started my job at Sustrans a few years ago. I live in Cardiff and now cycle everywhere.  Being able to look good on my bike was and still is important to me, and I think I’ve nailed it!

When I started...

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cyclists riding along path in urban enviroment
31 January 2014

Understanding how we move around our towns, cities and regions is a complex thing. For around forty years we’ve been attempting to model traffic and transport in order to better provide for it, and last week I went along to the University of Westminster to see...

morning cyclists
By Anonymous,
6 January 2014

I know that any journeys up to about 5 miles could be cycled rather than driven, so this year it’s time to finally bring an end to those car journeys.

I’ve had a few New Year’s resolutions over the years and they have usually involved giving things up. I’ve usually...

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happy children posing in high-vis in a school hall
18 December 2013

Last week, one of our schools officers in the North East shared the picture above on the social networking site Twitter. It shows a class he’s working with beaming and proudly showing off their new hi-viz tabards. Some responses were positive, but some were from those who...

To shower or not to shower?
7 December 2013

Should Sustrans be asking workplaces to fit showers? Do people cycling to work need showers? These are just some of the questions that were raised around our Support Cycling to Work campaign.

I think the answers to these questions should be “...