A woman using a recumbent handcycle
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12 June 2019

A new report published by Sustrans and Arup reveals that one third (33%) of disabled people in UK cities and towns would like to start cycling but 84% never do...

Mary Stevens Park outdoor gym
9 July 2014

Image source: Mary Stevens Park, Stourbridge, Dudley. Dudley Healthy Towns Report 2011.

There are many things that influence the health and development of children, ranging from supportive families to safe schools. What I’d...

a fully laden bike resting on a wall next to the sea
By Andy Rowe,
16 June 2014

A friend of mine from Devon once suggested that the only reason I cycle, or do exercise of any sort, is to justify having a huge meal in a pub afterwards, and she was only slightly wrong. You don’t really need to be serious cyclist to enjoy a cycle tour.

I’ve just...

sun beam in Rye Lane, Peckham
6 June 2014

Sustrans have been using psychological traffic calming and place-making techniques, in association with other methods such as raising the road to slow traffic, for several years.

This approach aims to change the mindset of road users, and signal to drivers...

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two people enjoying a walking meeting
15 May 2014

About the author: Stuart Biddle is Professor of Physical Activity & Health at the School of Sport, Exercise & Health Sciences at Loughborough University. He's also Executive Director of Academic & Research for the British Heart Foundation...

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Father with children on bikes in the school playground
14 May 2014

Giving children a safe journey to school is as important for adults as it is for children. A safe journey would give children much needed everyday exercise, combat obesity and foster confidence, while improving air quality and decongesting roads. But children aren’t currently...