Two young boys with their bikes
21 August 2017

Recently I stopped by for a catch up with a couple of friends – Rhys and Reuben. Rhys is 9, and has a wise head on his shoulders. He’s a kid who is naturally curious about the world around him. Since he’s been old enough to say the word, he’s been unwavering in his ambition to...

Wayne Hemingway portrait
16 August 2017

This post by Wayne Hemingway was first published on Huffington Post UK

It’s not breaking news that cycling is good for you and the world around you. Alongside...

female employee cycling to work
11 August 2017

We all know that the most valuable asset of any organisation is the employees, and that happy and healthy employees are productive employees. But also, and perhaps most importantly,...

cyclists on main road helps keep our air clean
8 August 2017

It can be hard to get our heads around the air we breathe when it’s something we can’t see. For Chris Bennett, our Head of Behaviour Change, it was the birth of his first daughter that brought home the everyday reality of the public health crisis facing the UK. Here’s his...

8 August 2017

With almost 9 out 10 of children not meeting physical activity guidelines, making cycling safer and more accessible to young people, would help to increase regular exercise.

The recent Scottish Government ...

cyclists on quiet way with less traffic and less air pollution
3 August 2017

There is still some hope for cycling and walking as part of the solution to our air quality crisis but local authorities will need to lead.

Rachel White, our Senior Policy and Political Advisor, reflects on the publication of the UK Government’s Air...