New Bike Life cities competition

Bike Life is the UK’s biggest assessment of cycling delivered by Sustrans in collaboration with seven cities.

Bike Life has been successful in securing funding for a further four years and will be expanding to ten cities in total.

We are looking for at least three new cities to join the project and invite your local authority to apply.

People cycling in Bristol
We're now looking for at least three new cities to join this exciting project.

Inspired by the Copenhagen Bicycle Account, Bike Life is an assessment of city cycling development including infrastructure, travel behaviours, resident views and the impact of cycling.

Bike Life provides the participating cities with in-depth information, through a set of city reports and other publications, allowing them to comprehensively assess and report on the development of cycling in their area.

Bike Life is designed to capture overall cycling development in a way that is meaningful not only to transport specialists, but also to a wide variety of audiences, from city leaders to the business community and the wider public.

A lady and child with bikes
  • Production of a comprehensive report for your city and other publications
  • Promotion of the Bike Life project and findings, including a stakeholder launch event in your city
  • The opportunity to work in partnership with nine other cities, including attendance at the Bike Life Partners Summit

A person cycling in front of a painted wall

Being part of Bike Life has many benefits, including: 

  • An opportunity to join an innovative project – working alongside nine other cities collecting the most comprehensive picture of cycling
  • An opportunity to involve and inspire – Sustrans will produce two Bike Life reports for your city over four years, alongside other valuable publications, for example focused reports on air quality and inclusive cycling
  • Sharing best practice – ten key cities from across the UK will share data and help shape the political and funding landscape for cycling in the UK
  • Technical advice and support to enable cycling data capture, analysis and reporting for your city – working with our award-winning research and monitoring team

A lady holding her bike in front of a cityscape

Local authorities are using the report findings as an opportunity to talk about the benefits of cycling for everyone. Cities are also using Bike Life to develop and monitor new strategies and action plans, and to justify investment in cycling.

Examples of how Bike Life has contributed to increased investment and influenced development are:

  • Greater Manchester’s cycling commissioner Chris Boardman’s used Bike Life in the ‘Made to Move Strategy’ to underpin his call for £1.5bn of funding to transform Greater Manchester, welcomed by the Mayor
  • Edinburgh Council has used the finding that people want more protected cycle lanes in its decision to proceed with the major Roseburn to Leith cross-city route, in the face of vocal opposition

Have any further questions? Please contact Dene Stevens, Bike Life Manager, 0121 633 5501.