Inspiring Infrastructure: Old Shoreham Road, Brighton

June saw the opening of the first phase of an innovative cycle scheme along Old Shoreham Road in Brighton. This is a busy and fast road and the scheme provides segregated cycle lanes on each side of the road at an intermediate level between the carriageway and the footway. The average speed recorded between Dyke Road and The Drive along Old Shoreham Road before the new facilities were installed was 45mph on a 30mph road.

This is a bold and innovative scheme that aims to bring something of the level of provision that is commonplace in Denmark and The Netherlands. The vehicle running lanes have been kept at a maximum of 3.1 metres. The widest section of designated cycle lane is 2.6 metres, the narrowest 1.5 metres. The scheme has provided 2.22km of segregated cycle lanes. Key features of the scheme include:

  • A smooth / wide surface on both sides of the road; 2m wide one-way cycle lanes
  • Raised junctions at side-roads with priority for cyclists
  • Pre-greens at traffic signals to give cyclists a 5 second head start
  • Toucans
  • Expeditious movement of all traffic – including cyclists, pedestrians and motor vehicles
  • Raised zebra crossing
  • Shared use areas at bus stops and at zebra crossing
  • No centre line on some sections
  • Automatic counters to monitor cycle users
  • Scheme review and monitoring after 6 months

There are a number of design issues that the Council has had to work through and which will need to be monitored, notably the treatment of side road crossings, bus stops and zebra crossings.

More details of the scheme can be found in this note (pdf).

This scheme was funded through the Local Transport Plan with a contribution from the DfT Links to Schools programme. The budgeted total scheme cost was £720k.

For further details about the scheme please contact Abby Hone, Principal Transport Planner, Brighton & Hove City Council.