A Good Transport Plan for Bristol

people who travel sustainably in Bristol

What can you do to make the Good Transport Plan vision a reality?

A Good Transport Plan for Bristol sets out a vision for the future of travel in Bristol. The plan shows how getting around the city could be cleaner, cheaper and more efficient if we reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. It’s been produced by Sustrans on behalf of the Bristol Green Capital Partnership Transport Action Group.

 A Good Transport Plan helps to clarify the real challenges we face in keeping Bristol moving and to put forward some of the main ideas around sustainable transport.

-  Peter Mann, Bristol City Council Service Director for Transport
The aim is to inspire people to see the potential for the future of travel in Bristol, and even to provide their own ideas – feeding into the current West of England Joint Spatial Plan and Transport Study.

In developing the plan, Sustrans have worked in collaboration with a range of local organisations, businesses and community group leaders and consulted with over 1,300 people - made up of over 700 face to face engagements at events across Bristol and a further 600 online.

A Good Transport Plan for Bristol can create change by setting out proposals that would make traveling into and around Bristol more sustainable, accessible and enjoyable.



What are you going to do to make the Good Transport Plan vision a reality for Bristol?

Over 20 commercial and community organisations have signed up in support of A Good Transport Plan including FirstGroup, DHL, Business West, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Greater Bedminster Community Partnership, Bristol Civic Society and Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways.

The large membership of the Partnership provides a forum that reaches deep into Bristol’s communities and therefore helps engage many who would not necessarily get involved in a traditional consultation exercise.

A Good Transport Plan is possible thanks to funding from the Department of Energy and Climate Change and Bristol 2015 European Green Capital