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For candidates: Will your leader take the Sustrans Streets for People Pledge?

Man enters a polling station

London Borough Council elections are held on 3 May 2018

Woman crosses a street in London

Streets that are safe and easy to cross and accessible to all support everyday walking

Protected cycle lanes - or cycletracks - on Carlton Vale, Brent, London

Unlock cycling for all with protected space

Families walk along the traffic-free Van Gaugh Walk in Lambeth, London

Neighborhood streets free of through traffic, like this one in Lambeth, are open to all ages to enjoy

People talking on Orford Road, Walthamstow Village

Waltham Forest have created a place people want to be on Orford Road

28 March 2018

May’s London Local Elections are just around the corner. With four years in office and control over 95% of London’s streets, prospective London Borough Council Leaders and Mayors have the opportunity to make London’s streets safer, fairer and healthier for all - to create streets for people.

Information for Prospective London Borough Councillors

If you’re a London voter please see this page

We want to see better journeys and healthier lives for everyone by changing the way our streets work. To do this we need as many prospective Council Leaders as possible to take the Sustrans Streets for People Pledge.

The Sustrans Streets for People Pledge asks Council Leadership candidates to commit to: 

  1. Create three neighbourhoods free of through traffic.
  2. Create at least two schemes that that connect places people need to go with protected space for cycling on busy roads.
  3. Ensure redesigned streets are easy to walk through, safe to cross and truly accessible to all.
  4. Create places people want to be, by increasing pavement space and introducing seating, shade and shelter - bringing streets back to life.

By taking the pledge, prospective Council Leaders are promising their citizens streets that unlock better, healthier journeys, cleaner air and quieter, calmer places for people.

From Enfield to Ealing, we are seeing the positive impact streets designed for people can have. They allow communities to thrive, bring people back to high streets, increase healthy travel options, and help to clean our toxic air.

Be a part of something bigger this election.

Make sure your borough is one of those signing up to the Streets for People Pledge.

Together boroughs can use the next four years to create streets for people.

Let us know if you want to pledge, email our policy team now

Download our briefing to see the transformative work London Boroughs are delivering and how you can take the pledge

See which Councils have taken our pledge

If you're running for election and want to find out more, please contact us.