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Our Christmas appeal this year contains a simple message... that supporting the National Cycle Network spreads enjoyment and happiness. The story behind the appeal focuses on one outstanding ground-breaking project, the Bath Two Tunnels, that has had a huge impact on a local community and made a young man marvel at its existence.

A donation today will help us maintain the National Cycle Network, including the Two Tunnels, and develop more innovative routes that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy.

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Cycling the Combe Down Tunnel

Earlier this year we received a wonderful postcard from one of our supporters, Anne. It was sent by her grandson, Henry, who shares his delight at cycling through the impressive Combe Down tunnel - the longest cycle and walking tunnel in the UK found on the iconic Two Tunnels route in Bath.

The National Cycle Network - and your support for it - spreads so much joy and can help inspire generations to come. A donation this Christmas will help us maintain and improve the Network and open the eyes of more children like Henry (not to mention us adults) to the enjoyment it can bring.


In 1966 the Bath Two Tunnels was closed as a railway route and for many years left derelict. Responding to the groundswell of support in the local community and working closely with the Two Tunnels Campaign Group and other partners, Sustrans took on responsibility for the planning, funding and project management of every aspect of the Two Tunnels transformation. Major works were required, not just for the renovation and preparation of the Two Tunnels themselves but also the Tucking Mill Viaduct and the installation of two new bridges.

In April 2013, the iconic Bath Two Tunnels path opened as a popular 13-mile cycle and walking route.

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We rely on donations to help maintain and improve the National Cycle Network. Please make a donation today and help us safeguard the paths, structures and routes for generations to come. Thank you.