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Active Journeys to school in Wales

We work with many schools throughout Wales, enabling more children to travel to school by bike, scooter or on foot. We provide information, training and support to pupils, teachers and parents

Active travel to school is proven to improve the health of children by preventing obesity, reducing congestion and carbon emissions around schools and increasing concentration in the classroom.

Our Active Journeys programme is an exciting initiative for schools who wish to see more of their pupils choosing an active and healthy journey to school.

Schools working with us can expect to reduce the percentage of pupils who are usually driven to school by over 10%.

**UPDATE: Want to see more pupils choosing an active and healthy journey to your school? Apply to join Active Journeys here. Deadline for applications is 9am on 22/05/17**

Staff, pupils, teachers and parents all contribute to increasing active travel at schools, whether that's walking, cycling or scooting.

We know it isn’t always easy so we provide accreditation so you can celebrate your hard work.

With School Mark, schools can track progress and access a wealth of supporting resources in order to achieve three levels and become beacons of best practice. 

pupils tracing travel routes on a map

The Active Travel Act came into law in Wales in 2014  and places a legal duty on all local authorities in Wales to consult with local communities and develop a safe network for walking and cycling.

Your school can get involved and access our resources and guidance to enable students and your wider community to make the most of the Active Travel Act.

students walking to school

Classroom resource packs to meet curriculum outcomes at Key stage 2, Key stage 3 and Key stage 4 through the topic of active and sustainable travel.

Our Literacy and Numeracy Resources have been shortlisted for an Education Resources Award 2015.

teacher talking to parents

Use our free, practical advice, information and resources to support young people in Wales to cycle, walk and scoot to school, and build a culture of active travel.

Enabling more young people to travel actively has far reaching benefits for their health in addition to reducing congestion around the school and improving the local environment.  

schoolboy giving a thumbs up to cycling

Increase walking, cycling and scooting at your school with Sustrans Big Shift, a free-to-access online challenge to motivate the school community to travel more actively.

The challenge sets schools individual targets, based on how pupils currently travel - helping them make a Small Step, Big Stride or Giant Leap in how pupils make the school journey.

children dressed as super heroes to fight climate change are cycling

The Big Pedal is the UK’s largest inter-school cycling and scootering challenge. It inspires pupils, staff and parents to choose two wheels for their journey to school.

In 2017 The Big Pedal will return on the 20 March and run for two weeks until the 31 March. Registration will open in the Winter.

Young person cycling to school

Bike to School Week is an opportunity to celebrate all the fantastic things schools have achieved throughout the UK to encourage cycling.

Bike to School Week can be a great way to kickstart active travel at your school and encourage a healthy school run for all students. Students who travel actively to school have been found to be better able to concentrate.

pupil dressed as superhero on his bike

Sustrans Superheroes is an individual award scheme recognising pupils’ skills and achievements in walking, scooting and cycling.

Aimed at 7- to 11-year-olds, pupils gain points for activities they complete to become either a Sustrans Hero or Superhero.