Working with schools in Scotland

In Scotland, Sustrans have launched a number of innovative projects with schools and universities so that people can choose healthier, cleaner and cheaper journeys everyday.

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Bike to School Week

The official Bike to School Week takes place every year in June. By encouraging children to travel to school on their bikes for one week each year we hope we can help kick-start a new exercise routine and decrease busy traffic on school roads. 

Funding for Schools in Scotland

Sustrans has secured funding to deliver cycle parking and infrastructure projects in and around schools across Scotland, with the aim of encouraging and enabling more pupils to travel actively to school. 

Hands Up Scotland Survey 

Established in 2008, Hands Up Scotland is the largest national dataset to look at mode of travel to school across Scotland. The project is funded by Transport Scotland and is a joint survey between Sustrans and Scottish local authorities. 

I Bike

Sustrans’ I Bike project works with schools in Scotland delivering practical solutions to two specific issues associated with cycling to school: The drop in cycling levels when children move from primary to secondary school and the gender gap that sees girls cycling far less than boys of the school journey.