Sustrans in Scotland

Working to enable people in Scotland to travel by foot, bike or public transport for more of their everyday journeys.

Man on a bike, woman sitting next to him

Bike Life, the biggest survey ever conducted on attitudes to cycling in the UK, shows that three quarters (74%) of Edinburgh residents want more spent on cycling.

Woman next to her bike

There is a huge appetite among Edinburgh residents for a greater share of national and local transport budgets to be invested in cycling.

Families cycling in Scotland

Infrastructure improvements to help people of all ages and abilities to make more journeys by foot and bike are to be designed and constructed across Scotland as part of our Community Links programme. Find out more about the programme.

child on a bike

Sustrans I Bike programme works with schools in Scotland delivering practical solutions to encourage cycling to school and beyond. 

people's legs with wheels in the background

Established in 2008, the Hands Up Scotland Survey is the largest national dataset to look at travel to school across Scotland.