Together, we can make our streets safer

children walking to school

We need the Prime Minister to make healthy travel a cross-departmental priority

Family walking to school

It's never been more important for every child to have a safe and active journey to school

At a time of growing obesity and inactivity it’s never been more important for every child to have a safe, active journey to school.

We need to transform our communities so that everyone can choose to walk and cycle local everyday journeys.

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We’re now closer than ever to getting funding for safer streets as the Government is taking forward a long-term plan for boosting walking and cycling in England.

Even with this welcome news, there’s still some way to go in securing the level of funding needed to transform our streets and communities.

Getting this investment will require the Prime Minister to personally commit to cycling and walking, We need him to make healthy travel a cross-cutting, cross-departmental priority for England.

Although transport is devolved in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland we’re calling on all of our supporters, wherever you live, to support us in championing the principle of a safe journey to school by emailing Prime Minister David Cameron and asking for his leadership.

Please get involved and ask the Prime Minister for his support.

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