Copenhagen style celebration of bike life comes to UK

20 February 2014

Copenhagen style celebration of bike life comes to UK


Sustrans and six UK cities are aiming to boost the love of cycling to Copenhagen levels through a new citizens’ survey inspired by the Danish capital.


The survey will show progress on creating a city fit for cycling through giving a voice on cycling issues to the people of Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Manchester and Newcastle. Citizen involvement will be crucial to finding out what people living and working in the city think about getting about by bike, and to gauging progress towards making our leading cities more bike friendly.


Sustrans and the cities will work together to showcase a vision for increasing cycling and will set up monitoring and evaluation programmes to track progress, with results published in a biennial report for each of the cities. Reporting on cycling conditions, new initiatives, how many people are cycling and what residents think about cycling in their city will inform planning and action to put cycling by people of all ages and abilities right at the heart of city life, increasing travel choices and helping to create a great city to live in.


The Bicycle Accounts are inspired by the example of Copenhagen, capital of the happiest country in the world and one of the world’s best cities to live in.  The authorities and Sustrans will celebrate how cycling is making these key UK cities better places for everyone to live. For Copenhageners, riding a bike is as much part of life as brushing their teeth. Cycling is such an integral part of the city's life and transport system that it reports every two years on how cycling is benefiting not just Copenhagen, but Denmark, and what Copenhageners think of the city as a safe and pleasant place to live.


The project is supported by The Freshfield Foundation.


Dene Stevens, Project Manager for Sustrans, said:


“Copenhagen and other European cities have long been held up as examples of great places to live and work, where walking and cycling is the easiest way to get around. Many cities in the UK are following suit and have ambitious plans to match the best in Europe. The adoption of a Copenhagen style citizens’ survey for the UK will help Sustrans and the cities of Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Manchester and Newcastle achieve those ambitions and build cities that are great for people.


“Together, we aim to give everyone the choice of safe cycling in their city.”


Notes to Editors


  1. The Bicycle Account is inspired by the Copenhagen Bicycle Account, an assessment of cycling development in the City of Copenhagen. The account consequently deals with the city’s cycling conditions, new initiatives as well as Copenhageners’ satisfaction with various aspects of cycling. The Bicycle Account is published biennially and its most recent edition in 2012 included telephone interviews with 1,021 randomly selected Copenhagen residents as well as data from a survey of transport behaviour. The City of Copenhagen regards the Bicycle Account as a vital planning tool in the work to make Copenhagen an even better ‘city of cyclists’. More information is available at
  2. Copenhagen is the capital city of the happiest country in the world according to the UN World Happiness Report 2013
  3. Copenhagen is ranked most liveable city in the Monocle magazine global survey 2013
  4. The first Bicycle Accounts will be published by the cities in October 2015.

5.    The Freshfield Foundation’s aim is the provision of grant funding to other charities with particular emphasis on those involved in the general fields of sustainable development, climate change mitigation and overseas disaster relief.

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