Policy submissions

We seek to make contributions to assist in the development of all official policy and guidance relevant to walking, cycling and public transport.


Department for Transport: Changes to guidance on the use of tactile paving surfaces Sustrans response November 2015
HM Treasury: Spending Review 2015: A country that lives within its means Sustrans response September 2015
Department for Transport: Traffic signs regulations: technical review Sustrans response April 2015
What Works Centre for Local Economic Growth: Call for evidence on Transport Sustrans response December 2014
Health Select Committee: The impact of physical activity and diet on health Sustrans response December 2014



Birmingham City Council: Birmingham Road Safety Strategy Sustrans response November 2015
Cambridgeshire County Council: Cambridge Access Study Sustrans response November 2015
West Midlands Integrated Transport Authority: Strategic Plan "Movement for Growth" Sustrans response October 2015
NICE: Air pollution - outdoor air quality and health Sustrans response July 2015
Network Rail: Western route study - draft for consultation Sustrans response December 2014
Department for Transport: Cycling delivery plan: informal consultation Sustrans response November 2014
Department for Transport: Local authority highways maintenance: 2015/16 - 2020/21 Sustrans response November 2014



Waltham Forest Council: Lea Bridge Road scheme - sections B and C Sustrans response November 2015
Further proposals for a new cycle route on Spur Road Sustrans response October 2015
Westminster City Council: Quietways consultation Sustrans response July 2015
Waltham Forest Council: Lea Bridge Road Sustrans response July 2015
Greater London Authority: Minor Alterations to the London Plan (Parking standards) Sustrans response June 2015
Transport for London: Cycle Superhighway Route 1  Sustrans response March 2015
Transport for London: East-West Cycle Superhighway Sustrans response March 2015
Southwark Council: Draft cycling strategy Sustrans response January 2015
Transport for London: Have your say on the Ultra Low Emission Zone Sustrans response January 2015
Transport for London: Have your say on transforming Old Street roundabout Sustrans response January 2015

We have listed submissions from the past 12 months. If you would like copies of archived submissions on topics including transport, health, planning and communities please email policy.submissions@sustrans.org.uk.