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Latest Policy Scan - May 2016 (pdf)

Sustrans says

Government will break cycling promises because of underinvestment (23/05/16) New modelling by Sustrans shows Government’s investment in the Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy is woefully inadequate.

Fit for Life – new evidence on the health benefits of walking and cycling (12/05/16) A new report by Sustrans presents independent research, by leading experts, into the public health benefits of new walking and cycling routes.

Cycling and walking – an effective route to wellbeing (04/16) The health benefits of walking and cycling are further strengthened by the findings of our large scale project “Travel Actively”. The evidence is particularly interesting when it comes to the effects of active travel on physical and mental wellbeing, as well as on those individuals with baseline low levels of physical activity.

How will the new Traffic Signs Regulations affect cyclists and pedestrians? (22/04/16) Tony Russell discusses how the Department for Transport’s new rules on ‘signing’ open the way for safer and more convenient routes for cyclists and pedestrians. Measures common in other countries, such as parallel pedestrian and cycle crossings, cycle-specific traffic signals and count down timers for pedestrians, may now be used throughout Great Britain.

Historic Torksey viaduct opens to link communities (22/04/16) The historic viaduct over the River Trent opens, more than 50 years after the last train crossed - linking the communities of Torksey and Cottam.

Thames Bike Bridge would enable 13,000 clean commutes (05/16) Sustrans Bike Bridge over the Thames was adopted in the manifesto of the new Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. With the new mayor in post, find out what we’ve done to date to bring the project to life.


Key developments

Active travel and transport

Working together to promote active travel – a briefing for local authorities (16/05/16) Public Health England have published a new briefing for planners and public health practitioners to suggest a range of policy and practical actions to increase physical activity through active travel.

AllTransit is launched in the US (04/16) AllTransit, the largest source of transit connectivity, access and frequency data in America is launched online. It provides an invaluable and fascinating resource for planners to understand and improve access and mobility in poorly served neighbourhoods.

Physical activity and air pollution

Public Health England Strategic Plan – Better Health Outcomes by 2020 (14/04/16) Public Health England has published their next strategic plan. It includes a focus on prevention, place-based health approaches, creating a better evidence on the return on investment for public health interventions, and the contribution of employers to contributing towards health and wellbeing of their staff.

New Get Set to Go website (04/16) Mind has launched a new motivational website to help women with mental health problems choose a sport or physical activity which is suitable to them.

#Try20 in May (05/16) To mark National Walking Month in May Living Streets is launching #Try20 to encourage the public to fit in 20 minutes walking each day. Living Streets is calling on people to pledge to walk more in May. By pledging to be part of the #Try20 campaign people will receive 20 tips as well as handy guides to add more walking into their day – and all pledgers are entered into a prize draw to win £50.

Statistics on obesity, physical activity and diet for England (28/04/16) The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) has released a report collating the latest statistics on obesity, physical activity and diet for England.

Latest results from the Taking Part Survey (28/04/16) A new release of data from the Taking Party Survey, commissioned by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, has examined the changes in sport and wider physical activity participation and engagement over time.

Mayor of London announces bold plans to clean up London’s toxic air (13/05/16) Sadiq Khan announces proposals to extend the Ultra-Low Emission Zone and introduce additional road charging on the most polluting vehicles entering the centre of the capital.

The built environment and planning

Ideas for London (05/16) ARUP present their ideas to improve London, including enabling higher housing density through linking new development to active transport in areas of poor public transport accessibility (which Sustrans helped to steer). ARUP believe housing density could be increased by more than 50% whilst improving mobility, health and community.

Car Clubs in New Developments (05/16) The Centre for Transport and Society at UWE and CarPlus publish a review of experience and good practice in low car and car free developments (2003-2014). 


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