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Latest Policy Scan - August 2016 (pdf)

Sustrans says

Will the value of safe routes be reflected in new Growth Deals? (28/07/16) Dr Andy Cope, Sustrans Director of Insight, shares how new data from our Linking Communities 2013-14 Impact Report shows the incredible value offered by safe routes for walking and cycling. But also urges the need to better reflect this value in the assessment of bids, like the allocation of local growth funding in England.

Measuring the impact of the Linking Communities 2013-14 programme (29/07/16) David Corner, Sustrans Analysis Manager, reviews the evaluation of the Linking Communities programme which aims to link people to areas of economic activity and local facilities through active travel.

Community Links PLUS winner announced (12/08/16) Community Links PLUS is a design competition hosted by Sustrans Scotland and the Scottish Government. Community Links PLUS seeks big, bold and innovative projects which would be game-changers for active travel in Scotland. Hear about the winner Glasgow City Council’s South City Way project designed to improve facilitates for those on foot and bike whilst creating more vibrant streets from the Southside of Glasgow into the city centre.

Calling on the public to improve the Active Travel Act in Wales (08/16) Wales’ Active Travel Act requires local authorities to develop long term, comprehensive plans for walking and cycling networks.  It is essential that the plans reflect the views of local people and the Act requires local authorities to consult with anyone who asks to be involved.  Sustrans Cymru has joined forces with Cycling UK, Living Streets and Welsh Cycling to create a new webtool that makes it easy for people to register their interest in being involved. 

Childhood Obesity Plan misses golden opportunity (18/08/16) Government today published its long awaited Childhood Obesity Plan. Tim Burns, Sustrans Senior Policy Advisor reflects on the ambitions and shortcomings of the plan aiming to turn around rising obesity levels in children and young people in England.

Key developments

Childhood Obesity plan (18/08/16) The Government’s plan for action to significantly reduce childhood obesity by supporting healthier choices England, including proposals for active travel.

Linking Communities 2013-14 Impact Report (29/07/16) Sustrans publishes the results of an evaluation of the 2013-14 Linking Communities programme which included 45 schemes across England designed to create new, or improve existing, traffic calmed and traffic-free walking and cycling routes.

EVIDENCE Project - Measure Reviews (15/08/16) EVIDENCE is a strategic initiative funded by the European Commission's Executive Agency for SMEs, designed to unlock the potential of SUMP (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan) implementation. The EVIDENCE project has reviewed and published 22 different transport measures (e.g. Cycling, Walking, E-Ticketing, Travel Information) under seven themes (e.g. Demand Management Strategies, Urban Freight, Less Car-Dependent Mobility Options).

ENDURANCE SUMP Case Studies (18/07/16) The European SUMP network, ENDURACE, has produced 21 case studies on Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning to share best practice around citizen participation, financing, institutional cooperation, monitoring and evaluation and SUMP measures.

Adults’ physical activity fact sheets (19/07/16) The British Heart Foundation National Centre for Physical Activity and Health has published four new fact sheets containing information on adults’ physical activity levels; physical activity interventions for adults; what influences adults to be active; and the importance of physical activity for adults.

Health matters: getting every adult active every day (19/07/16) Public Health England has launched a suite of physical activity resources for public health professionals focusing on getting every adult active every day. A new blog, infographics and presentation bring together important facts, figures and evidence of effective interventions to tackle major public health problems.

Evaluation of Walking for Health (pdf) (03/16) An external evaluation of Walking for Health commissioned from Ecorys in partnership with the University of East Anglia. It includes a longitudinal survey of Walking for Health participants, in-depth interviews and field-work at nine Walking for Health Schemes across England, and interviews with external stakeholders.

Change in commute mode: - what is most influential? (26/07/16) Dr Adrian Davis, Public Health Adviser to Bristol City Transport Services finds that distances under three miles to work are most critical to active travel. Life events which reduce commute distances are powerful enablers in determining a switch to active travel and are aided by pro-environmental attitudes.

Physical activity for early years (28/07/16) The British Heart Foundation National Centre for Physical Activity and Health has launched a new infographic based on the UK physical activity guidelines for the early years. The infographic is designed to explain the UK Chief Medical Officers' recommendation that children aged under five should be active for at least 180 minutes spread throughout the day. Every movement counts, including crawling, walking, jumping and messy play.

Physical Activity Series in The Lancet (18/07/16) The Lancet publishes a Series on physical activity, including a new analysis that quantifies the global impact of physical inactivity on the world's major non-communicable diseases. The Series will also review current levels of physical activity and trends worldwide, why some people are active and why some are not, evidence-based strategies for effective physical activity promotion, and how a multi-sector and systems-wide approach that goes way beyond health will be critical to increase population-levels of activity worldwide.

Is Pokémon Go™ affecting physical activity levels? (07/16) Exercise Scientists from the Academy of Sport and Physical Activity at Sheffield Hallam University, led by Dr David Broom, are conducting research to examine physical activity in people who have and have not used Pokémon Go™.

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