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Bike to School Week

Boy on bicycle during bike to school week

Cycling to school can have a huge effect on young people's confidence and independence

Bike to School Week is an opportunity to celebrate all the fantastic things schools have achieved throughout the UK to encourage cycling.

In 2017, Bike to School Week will run between the 5th and 9th of June.

Bike to School Week can be a great way to kickstart active travel at your school and encourage a healthy school run for all students. 

To help you, we have produced the 5 small steps to something BIG guide, with activities designed to be delivered over five days. Ideal for making any week a Walk, Scoot or Bike to School Week, they can be delivered to a wide range of ages by tailoring the level of detail and vocabulary used.

I feel so grateful for the session today which has resulted in my little girl playing outside on her bike tonight and riding with confidence, stabiliser-free.

- Parent,

Download the 5 small steps to something BIG guide

The activities are selected to take your pupils on a journey, exploring the benefits of travelling by foot, bike or scooter, understanding how they can make a change and ultimately be inspired to take practical actions.

These can be run on consecutive days or spaced apart, but are designed to be delivered in order:

Day 1: My journey to school

Pupils consider their journey to school, sketch this out and discuss what they like, dislike or would want to change.

This is taken from our Big Street Survey, an exciting curriculum resource, enabling pupils to investigate the area around their school and create a manifesto on how to make their streets safer and greener. 

Schools in Wales can use our Active Travel Act resources to investigate their local area.

Day 2: Human map

Pupils learn about mapping, where they live compared to classmates, how far they travel and who they could travel with.

This is taken from Suss It Out, five themed sheets, each with 10, 20 and 30-minute simple, snappy activities - also perfect for each day of a Walk, Scoot or Bike to School Week.

Day 3: Calories, carbon and calculators

Pupils investigate how their travel choices can affect their health and environment, calculating calories burned and carbon released.

This is taken from Sustrans' Big Shift, an online challenge to motivate the school community to travel more actively. It uses individualised targets for schools, based on how pupils currently travel to school.

Day 4: We could be heroes

Pupils think about how they can be role models for active travel and persuade or inspire others, creating posters or writing letters.

This is taken from Sustrans' Superheroes, an award scheme recognising pupils’ skills and achievements in walking, scooting and cycling.

Day 5: Get going

Pupils develop practical skills and learn how to make cycling and scooting safer with our advice and information which includes videos for simple checks and practices.

Highlights include:

Free posters to promote your Bike to School Week, e-banners for your website and emails

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Need more help?

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