Bike to School Week

child locking up their bike during bike to school week

Bike to School Week 2015 runs 1-5 June and is an opportunity to celebrate all the fantastic things schools have achieved throughout the UK to encourage cycling all year round.

We are producing a new guide with ideas for what to do on each day of Bike to School Week, which will be available to download in May. This guide can also be used to promote walking, scooting and skating to school.

To get ready for Bike to School Week, have a look at our 6-week plan for increasing active travel to school. The following activities are also free to use at any time of the year:

Big Street Survey

An exciting curriculum resource, enabling pupils to investigate the area around their school and create a manifesto on how to make their streets safer and greener. 

Sustrans' Big Shift

An online challenge to motivate the school community to travel more actively. It uses individualised targets for schools, based on how pupils currently travel to school.

Suss It Out

Five themed sheets, perfect for each day of Bike to School Week, each with 10, 20 and 30-minute simple, snappy activities.

Our new online school shop also offers a selection of products to help promote active and sustainable travel, such as stickers, hi-vis slapwraps, stamps and temporary transfers of our popular Wheelie Superheroes... ideal for promoting your own Bike to School Week.

The shop is available to be used by individual schools, groups of schools and local authorities for bulk purchases.

Our free information service

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