Sustrans has been working with companies and organisations to promote sustainable and active travel for over ten years.

The initiatives led by Sustrans have made our staff really think about how they travel - not just to and from work but during the day at work too. From our partnership at Cobalt we’ve been able to expand active travel right across the trust area, including at three hospital sites.

- Sathish Sethuraman,
Travel Plan Coordinator, Northumbria Healthcare Trust
In that time, we have worked with a wide range of workplaces throughout the UK, including large corporate offices, SMEs, high street shops, factories, hospitals and universities. We support organisations looking at both business travel and the commute.

Sustrans employee engagement projects consistently achieve impressive and measurable results. For example, the typical benefits of our projects deliver estimated savings to organisations of a minimum of £7,500 a year for every 100 employees engaged.

For every 100 employees we engage in our full package of activities, we achieve per year:

  • a reduction of 24 sick days
  • improved well being in 61 employees
  • increased productivity
  • 6% reduction in commuting by car
  • a reduction of up to 38 tonnes of CO2

For information on our services see working with employers

To discuss how we can help encourage your workforce to get active, contact Ruth McNab, telephone: 0117 915 0246 or email