Getting communities active

a community getting involved at an event on their street

We work with people in communities, workplaces, schools and universities to help them change their travel habits, cut car use and increase walking and cycling.

We work with individuals and groups; provide information on alternatives to the car, and offer the resources, opportunities and motivation to try out these alternatives.

We’ve helped thousands of people throughout the UK to lead healthier lifestyles.  

In 2011, we:

  • helped 4,500 people become more active by choosing to cycle and walk more
  • provided 20,000 households with tailored travel information leading to increases in walking, cycling and public transport use of between 21% and 31%
  • helped communities in different parts of the UK to redesign their streets

We offer a wide range of services for communities including: 

Community engagement

We deliver events, support and training to help communities, workplaces, schools and universities travel actively and sustainably. Our programmes are tailored to each clients needs, ranging from one day events to multi year programmes. Activities include bike loan schemes, cycle training, bike maintenance, guided cycle rides, walking groups, information and advice.

Creating healthy places workshop

We have created a new offer with the Soil Association for local authorities and their local partners to support the development of a whole system approach to food and active living.

Active Travel Champions

One of the ways that Sustrans encourages people to be more active on everyday journeys is through our network of Active Travel Champions. Our Champions spread the word about active travel by setting up groups and providing advice and information in their communities, workplaces, schools and universities.

Personalised travel planning projects

We give people tailor-made information and the support they need to make more of their everyday journeys on foot, by bike or by public transport.

Improving streets

We work with people to redesign their streets, making them more enjoyable places to live in and walk and cycle through. During this process, we also support them to think about their own travel choices.

Sustrans’ service information line is here to help you find out how we can work with you to address the biggest transport issues in your area.

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Sustrans also works collaboratively with housing associations or other social housing providers in Wales, to tackle the health and social challenges affecting their tenants.