Personalised travel planning

Our Personalised Travel Planning (PTP) projects cut local traffic congestion and improve health and wellbeing by encouraging people to make a few changes to their daily travel choices when and where it suits them best.

Our PTP projects are proven to be effective. We have worked on projects targeting more than 400,000 households and have achieved an average of:

  • 11% reduction in car driver trips
  • increases in walking, cycling and public transport trips of between 14% and 33%

To discuss how we can help you cut household car use at a benefit to cost ration of 7.6 to 1, please email us.

Our services

We offer customised PTP solutions to suit different settings, including:

Household PTP

Projects are staffed by a local team trained by Sustrans’ experienced PTP trainers.

Workplace PTP

By helping employees to be more active on their everyday journeys, these projects lead to a decrease in the number of sick days, improved productivity and reduced staff turnover. Workplace PTP is wide-ranging and incorporates information, activities and motivation.

PTP in education

Projects build confidence, improve concentration and cut car use by promoting active travel. PTP in education features exciting activities to spark interest and encourage participation.

PTP in community hubs

Hubs are highly flexible, cost effective travel centres that can be located in any suitable community venue, including shopping centres and train stations. They are staffed by a local team trained by Sustrans.

We also works collaboratively with housing associations or other social housing providers in Wales, to tackle the health and social challenges affecting their tenants.