Community street design

community improving their street

We bring communities together to help them redesign their streets to make them safer and more attractive places to live, where people come first.

These projects offer an affordable, community-led alternative to the home zones design concept. We work with local residents and other partners to create high quality urban environments that promote sustainable travel and are safe and pleasant to live in and visit.

We offer a wide range of services including: 

Residential street design

Working in individual streets or neighbourhoods, we deliver a comprehensive community engagement and design service focused on meeting local aspirations for improving streets. Typically this involves addressing traffic speed and/or volume, rat-running, problem parking, as well as delivering activities to encourage sustainable travel behaviour and more social use of streets as public spaces.

Community engagement

Where a commissioner has an existing urban design team, we can compliment their expertise with our community and stakeholder engagement support.

Innovation in community street design

We're currently trailling two new systems developed with product designers and partners, to deliver flexible solutions that can be used to trial innovative street layouts.

Reducing flood risk in residential areas

We work with communities to develop Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) which are features that help to manage flood risk and water quality, as well as providing other benefits that create great places to live.

Mixed-use and high street design

We have adapted our successful community-led design approach to tackle the more complex issues and needs of mixed-use and high streets.  These focus on engaging the full range of stakeholders for these spaces and creating innovative solutions to satisfy a wide range of use needs.

Working with schools

Our community-led design approach transfers well to working around the school gates and school journey approaches.

Working in villages

We have increasing expertise in working in villages to address traffic speed/volume issues with sensitivity to the rural nature of the surroundings.

Urban design

Where a commissioner has an existing community engagement team, we can complement their expertise with our design service.

Partnership with the People's Health Trust

Funded by the Peoples Health Trust using money raised by 51 society lotteries through The Health Lottery, with additional local partner match funding we are working to empower communities to re-claim their streets and public spaces. This is achieved with hands-on community engagement that inspires local people to take collective control of their neighbourhood.

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