Workplace travel planning

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Want to change your workplace’s approach to cycling and walking but don’t know where to start?

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We can help you develop and implement an effective active travel strategy

What are the benefits of active travel for employers?

Happier, healthier, more productive staff is just the start... read our advice below on changing the way your staff travel to work

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Staff who are keen walkers and cyclists are a real asset to your organisation. Invest in these people and encourage them to spread the word to colleagues.

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Gather and distribute local walking, cycling and public transport information. Highlight local route options, from cycle paths to bus stops, and share this information with staff and visitors.
Use our online map, find out whether our shop has got a map of your area or get in touch with us to produce a bespoke one for you.

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Register for the Cycle to Work scheme to help your staff spread the cost of a new bike over 12 tax-free instalments.
You may also want to consider monthly loans for public transport season tickets, purchase of a small fleet of pool bikes, along with some spare locks and puncture repair kits, and some emergency umbrellas for walkers.

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Now you've got an idea for some things you can do to encourage active travel at your workplace.
It's a great place to start but for even more inspiration and a list of the services we offer including training and bespoke staff travel challenges read on.

Our Workplace Travel Challenge is a fun and exciting way for employees to give active and sustainable travel a go, thereby creating the foundation for lasting behaviour change.

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Our training equips staff with the knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver fun activities in the workplace that inspire colleagues to change the way they travel.