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Community engagement

Community engagement

We consult communities to ensure the views of local people are taken into account during the design stage of infrastructure projects

A community getting involved at an event on their street

We work with communities to help them re-claim their streets as social spaces, encouraging them to take ownership of their neighbourhoods

From designing walking and cycling networks, re-designing streets, to encouraging more people to travel sustainably, we make sure community engagement is at the heart of everything we do.

From small villages to more complex urban environments, and in specific settings such as schools and workplaces, our experienced local specialists work with communities across the UK to make sure proposed interventions meet local need.

Why work with Sustrans?

  • We are experts: With 30 years of pioneering experience, we are market leaders in delivering effective community engagement.
  • We are people focussed: We support and enable our clients to meet the needs of communities, working to identify and develop a range of holistic solutions.
  • We innovate: We lead the way in developing and implementing cutting edge, best value for money solutions that get results.
  • We are grounded in local communities: Our local specialists and 4,000 volunteers enable us to build long lasting, trusted relationships with communities.

Our community engagement services

Our unique approach brings together expertise in behaviour change, community engagement and infrastructure design, allowing us to create programmes tailored to your needs. We can:

  • Engage communities in infrastructure design. We work with communities in the design and development of walking and cycling routes and networks. This ensures that schemes meet the needs of the local people and develops community wide understanding and support.
  • Deliver community-led street designWe work with local people to identify and address issues with their streets and public spaces, using temporary and permanent interventions to create safe, attractive places to live, where people come first. We work with communities to help them re-claim their streets as social spaces, encouraging them to take ownership of their neighbourhoods.
  • Change the way people travel. We work intensively with communities to address the psychological, as well as physical barriers, preventing people from changing the way they travel. Our projects enable people to choose to travel sustainably and actively, reducing car trips and having a real impact on health.

Examples of our work:

To find out how we can help you, contact our community engagement specialists

Check out our resources and advice on community and stakeholder engagement