Finding route details

  • Clicking on a route will show you a popup box with the route name/number
  • If there are more details about the selected route, a link will display

Places of interest

  • You can view destinations by ticking boxes in the map key
  • Pinpoints will appear when you zoom in to the map
  • These businesses and destinations are drawn from Google's database - if you find an error, you can report it on

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Pan left, right, up and down with the arrow keys
  • Pan wider with the Page Up, Page Down, Home and End keys
  • Zoom in and out with the plus (+) and minus (-) keys

Double-click to zoom

  • Double left-click to zoom in
  • Double right-click to zoom out (Ctrl+ double-click for Mac users)

Printing and sharing

  • Use the icons in the top right of the map area to print your current view, or to get a link to share.

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Route Types

Getting around



Traffic-free route (National Cycle Network / other)
On-road route (National Cycle Network / other)
Access to the path (everyone / just pedestrians)
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Discover the National Cycle Network

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children cycling

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Every year our staff and vounteers organise lots of rides and walks on the National Cycle Network, all over the country.

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For every £1 you donate, we can unlock a further £50 of funding to build safe routes and campaign for better conditions for cyclists.

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