European routes

EuroVelo is the European cycle network and is managed by the European Cyclists' Federation in cooperation with national and regional partners - Sustrans' is the UK representative. 

The vision of 14 international bicycle routes, crossing and linking all the countries of the European continent, was first developed in the early 1990s, inspired by the success of national cycle routes in Denmark and the Netherlands. Sustrans was proud to be involved from the early stages of the project, and helped to plan and design the network, launch the project and get work underway.

The European Union has supported development of important sections of EuroVelo, most notably through the EuroVelo 6 project ‘Euroveloroute des Fleuves', where 18 partner authorities in France, Switzerland and Germany worked together to carry out more than €12 million of route and tourism development and marketing.

Where are the cycle routes in Europe?

More than one-third of the total network - which when complete will be over 60,000km long - is in place, and work is under way on sections of the network in many countries. EuroVelo signposting can now be found in Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, Switzerland and the UK. 

Where can I buy maps of the routes?

We sell a EuroVelo Map which shows all the European routes and have a full range of European maps.  All are available from Sustrans' online shop.

Can I cycle from the UK?

A major EuroVelo success is the North Sea Cycle Route, running through all seven countries around the North Sea.  It holds the Guinness World Record for the world's longest international cycle route.

For those interested in travelling to France, Sustrans has been working in partnership with Cycle West to develop three cross-channel cycling routes connecting Devon and Cornwall with Brittany and Normandy. Each itinerary takes you through some breathtaking and diverse scenery on both side of the English Channel. 

Another option is the London to Paris route called Avenue Verte which starts at the London Eye and ends at Notre Dame. For information and detailed mapping of the 250 mile route, order the official Avenue Verte - London to Paris by Bike guidebook.

Where can I find more information?

For further information please go to the EuroVelo website. EuroVelo is co-ordinated by The ECF.

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