The Portrait Bench

Portrait Bench Cardiff: Jason Stone, Lydia Harris and Sybil Williams

Sustrans' Portrait Bench series is a national social history project that is unique to each local area. Communities across the UK nominated local people for the contribution they have made to local life, culture or history to become the figures on their local Portrait Bench to be part of a collection of over 250 portraits.

The benches are part of a national Sustrans project, funded by the Big Lottery Fund, linking networks of walking and cycling routes and bringing the National Cycle Network into the heart of communities across the UK.

What's a Portrait Bench?

The Portrait Bench is a simple bench accompanied by the three life-size characters chosen by the community. The figures are two dimensional siloquettes, cut from CorTen steel (like the famous Angel of the North) so they will weather to a fine rust surface and become a natural part of the landscape.

Where are the Portrait Benches?

Click on the markers in the map for more information about the characters in each location. To view the information sheets you will need to follow the redirects after clicking the link.

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