Support Cycling to Work

More and more people are desperate to get on their bikes but only 3% currently cycle to work.

That's why we're campaigning for a national cycle-to-work standard for all workplaces, to give everyone the choice of a smarter, healthier, cheaper commute. Sign the petition >



Latest campaign news

the biggest barrier of them all
24 October 2013

There are many barriers that people list when asked why they don’t cycle to work. For some it’s to do with physical, solid, tangible, objective stuff such as...

be my bike buddy
19 September 2013

My recent attempt at blogging about what I think cyclists really need or don’t need certainly highlighted an issue for me - there are definitely some fairly entrenched positions out there...

To shower or not to shower?
13 September 2013

My recent blog post about whether employers should provide showers for employees...

To shower or not to shower?
25 June 2013

Should Sustrans be asking Workplaces to fit showers? Do people cycling to...

Swindon MP backs our Support Cycling to Work campaign
17 June 2013
Justin Tomlinson, MP for North Swindon, cycled to work with local commuters last Friday, in support of our Support Cycling to Work campaign. As part of the recently-launched campaign, Sustrans is...
cycle to work survey results
13 June 2013
At the end of April we launched a survey asking for your experiences of cycling to work. We had over 10,000 responses. We have now analysed the responses and here’s what we’ve learned:46.7% of you...
Get the wheels turning to make workplaces fit for cycling
12 June 2013

Money makes the world go round. That age old turn of phrase is now more...

4 June 2013

Cycling to work could halve the number of sick days we take and provide a £13.7 billion annual boost to British business, according to new statistics released by charity Sustrans.

4 June 2013

Social change communications consultancy Forster is a shining example of a company making cycling to work an option for its staff.



Sign the petition

40%[1] of non-cycling commuters would cycle to work if they could. Despite high fuel costs and expensive, unreliable public transport, just 3%[2] of commuters cycle.

We are calling on governments to create a cycle-to-work standard for all workplaces, to give us the choice of a smarter, healthier and cheaper commute.

A cycle-to-work standard should include:

  1. Adequate bike parking
  2. Showering facilities
  3. Lockers
  4. Buy a bike through work
  5. Incentivised business travel by bike
  6. Maps and information on safe routes
  7. Basic stuff for staff to borrow: locks, lights, waterproofs
  8. A group of cycling colleagues available for help and advice

Read more about what we're proposing


So we can update you about the campaign and our work

[1] YouGov Plc interviewed a total sample size of 2205 adults, of which 1261 commuted to work but not usually by bike. Fieldwork was undertaken between 29th April - 1st May 2013. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all UK adults (aged 18+). View the data.

[2] According to Census data only 3% of the population currently cycle to work - ONS, 2011 Census Analysis - Method of Travel to Work in England and Wales Report