Connect London

Connecting London by Bike

Campaign success

The Connect London Campaign is celebrating a significant step forward following the release of Mayor Boris Johnson’s new vision for cycling in London - a plan to set aside £913 million on cycling in london over the next ten years.

Elements of the Mayor’s announcement echo the Connect London plan which aimed to see London become the home to the world’s biggest cycle network.

Alongside new and improved Cycle Superhighways, Mini-Hollands and a review of junctions, the Mayor has proposed a ‘Quietways’ network which will deliver direct routes for cyclists on pleasant, low-traffic side streets.

Sound familiar? That’s because it is. You heard it here first.

The Mayor’s cycling vision is a fantastic step in the right direction. It’s shown that real progress can be made through committed political leadership that listens to the voice of cyclists and creates a long-term vision for cycling.

We know that re-prioritising and re-designing our roads around walking and cycling must underlie any attempt at transforming the way we get about - that’s how we’ll get Britain cycling.

Now it’s up to all of us to keep the pressure on so that the transformation of London’s streets is done right.

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