Get cycling

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Your bike

When you’re choosing a bike, the most important thing is to buy the right size frame for you. There are no standard guidelines on different size frames for adults, so it pays to think about the type of bike you want, and the kind of riding you’ll be doing.

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Your bike’s all set up, but where can you go? Plan your routes around quiet streets and interesting places - the whole road network is open to you and there are lots of cycle paths and traffic-free routes out there.

people cycling on road

Many people say they are put off cycling because they don’t like the idea of cycling in traffic, but many cyclists use busy roads every day without any problems. That’s because they cycle safely and make sure drivers know they’re there. Once you know the basics of road cycling, you can start to enjoy these journeys.

National cycle network shared path sign

Most signs and markings relating to cyclists are self-explanatory, but it’s worth familiarising yourself with some of the more common ones.

Bike mechanic

Like any machine, a bike will work better and last longer if you care for it properly. Get in the habit of checking your bike regularly – simple checks and maintenance can help you enjoy hassle-free riding and avoid repairs.

locking up a bike

Over 500,000 bikes are stolen every year in England and Wales – don’t let yours be one of them. Taking precautions will help keep your bike safe.

women cycling through traffic

We’d like to help women redress the cycling gender imbalance and inspire more of you onto your bikes.

people on shared-use path

Shared-use paths are a great way to get around by bike, but they’re also used by many other people. It’s important to follow a few basic rules so that everyone can enjoy them as much as possible.

Woman learning to ride a bike

Whether you’re getting on a bike for the first time or a regular cyclist looking to improve your skills on busy roads, instructors will provide expert personalised tuition to suit your individual abilities and goals.