Change your travel

Find information and advice on how to travel more cheaply, healthily and cleanly.

Community involvement is integral to making changes in your street because you – the residents - will need to lead the process.

Travelling in an environment with no congestion or air pollution may seem like a far-fetched desire.

Cycle to work and arrive energised, alert and ready for the day – and you’ll be clocking up your recommended 2.5 hours’ of physical activity per week before your working day starts!

Walking is a fantastic activity for you and your children. It's free, you can be spontaneous and it's a great way to spend quality time together.

The school journey is a perfect opportunity for children to learn about their local area, develop wider social networks and gain independence.

woman on a bike

We’d like to help women redress the cycling gender imbalance and inspire more of you onto your bikes.

Most signs and markings relating to cyclists are self-explanatory, but it’s worth familiarising yourself with some of the more common ones.