Lady cycling in front of a housing block
By Tim Burns,
7 February 2017

The UK Government’s long-awaited housing white paper: ‘Fixing our broken housing market’ puts additional pressure on...

Cycle path in London with builder
7 February 2017

Joanna Clayton (LLB (Euro) Hons), Sustrans' Planning, Consents & Legal officer is a barrister specialising in planning and highways law. She works with Sustrans’ Routes and Design teams and external stakeholder partners to obtain consents for new walking and cycling...

3 February 2017

I’ve always thought of cycling as a means to an end. For the last ten years I've been cycling on a daily basis to get from A to B. Personal bests or gruelling 80-mile rides at the weekend aren’t for me. Because of this mentality, it never occurred to me that I actually loved...

25 January 2017

Approaches to valuing transport schemes that lead to poor investment decisions may become further embedded under new Government proposals. The parts of transport appraisal guidance that link wider...

Children walking and cycling to school
20 January 2017

A new report sets out the importance of combining the provision of both safe infrastructure and activities that support cycling and walking to increase levels of active travel to school.

Tackling the School Run...

People walking and cycling in Cardiff
10 January 2017

With a new year comes new hope and new opportunities for putting cycling and walking at the heart of decision making throughout the UK.

The tide seems to be turning with increased priority being given to cycling and walking by national and local governments. Last year...

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