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Our vision

Our vision is a world in which people choose to travel in ways that benefit their health and the environment.

We're on a mission to change the way we move, making more of our everyday journeys by foot, bike or public transport.

Smarter travel

Encourage people to change their travel behaviour.

  • Establish UK-wide travel behaviour change programmes using proven, cost-effective techniques to encourage and support people to travel more sustainably within communities and to workplaces, schools, further and higher education, leisure and retail centres.
  • Give every child and young person the knowledge, skills and confidence to establish the habit of travel by foot and bike early in life.


Public spaces for all

Create safe, attractive walking and cycling conditions.

  • Invest in high quality walking and cycling networks in rural and urban areas. Providing safe routes to everyday destinations, integration with public transport and re-allocation of road space.
  • Re-design streets to reduce traffic speeds, and enforce speed limits of 20mph or less in all residential and built-up areas.
  • Create and enforce traffic laws to protect the most vulnerable users of public space and roads.


Better public transport

Increase public transport usage by improving and integrating services and reducing fares.

  • Introduce national travel cards, building on the success of the Oyster Card in London and travel cards in other cities, to enable greater flexibility, choice and integration.
  • Provide more demand-responsive transport services to people living in urban and rural areas so that they can choose to travel sustainably.


Planning for shorter distances

Ensure that planning policy and practice reduce the need to travel

  • Grant planning permission only to mixed use developments, where high-quality sustainable transport services and restricted parking are in place.


Wiser investment

Reform taxation and increase spending on sustainable travel.

  • Invest only in schemes and initiatives that reduce high carbon travel.
  • Re-establish a fuel duty escalator UK-wide to reverse the current decline in the cost of motoring.
  • Introduce work and retail place parking levies with revenues invested in improving environments for walking, cycling and public transport.
  • Establish UK-wide road pricing programmes with revenues invested in improving environments for walking, cycling and public transport.